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10/24/2017 - The Smith
10/27/2017 - Stacy Taylor
10/27/2017 - The Taylor's
10/28/2017 - Jean Koym
10/29/2017 - Sherry Boyd
10/29/2017 - Dustie Lively
10/29/2017 - Taylor Cotton

Pastor Jack C. Smith10/15/2017
The Gift Of Rest

Pastor Jack C. Smith10/11/2017
Be Steadfast In Faith

Pastor Jack C. Smith10/8/2017
Wake Up

Pastor Jack C. Smith10/4/2017
Faith Is A Lifestyle

Pastor Jack C. Smith10/1/2017
The Spirit Of Faith

Bro Johnny Emerson9/27/2017
Under The Spirit

Bro Martin Toliver9/25/2017

Pastor Jack C. Smith9/24/2017
A Revelation Of Redemption

Pastor Jack C. Smith9/17/2017
From Hiding To Fighting

Pastor Jack C. Smith9/13/2017
Prayer That Avails